(12s) Twelves and (20s) Twenties Activity Sheets

Before using these sheets...

It is common for new learners to get confused with twelve and twenty. This is because we have numbers in the “teens” that sound like the number twelve will be “twenteen”. This of course does not exist, but the human brain is wired to predict these patterns. A few of the activity sheets below may help with getting your learner to understand the difference between the two.

The Activity

12s 20s colour

Make a game out of it by writing a random selection of twelves and twenties in a grid and asking the learner to draw a square around the 20s and a circle around the 12s.

You can also put 12 items in one side and 20 items in another then ask them to count each pile and tell you which pile is bigger.

For kids with higher levels of energy: Ask them to collect 12 items of the same kind. Keep it simple like “twelve crayons”. Then ask them to collect 20 items around the house. You can keep it entertaining by getting them to collect by colour or shape.

For kids that love stories: Use a character from a game or even monopoly characters and make up a story for them to collect the 12s and 20s. For example: Mr. Boots needs all the 12s captured in a circle so that the twenties can roam around freely.

Other creative ideas: Don’t forget that children are very visual so using colours in your lessons can help them feel more entertained. You can ask them to always write/draw 12s in one colour and the 20s in another. For example: 12s in red and 20s in green.

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Important Information

Please remember that Tutor Kits is based in Australia. That means that these activities and guides are based on the Australian curriculum and may not be suitable for overseas learning. Always check with your school about appropriate learning levels.

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